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Buying a property in Kolkata is an exciting option. As the city improves its infrastructure and foreign investments are coming in, more buyers are expected to go for property purchases. In fact, for families looking to reside here, the 3BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata have become quite a popular choice. In this article let’s look at some important points that you must remember before making the purchase.

Carpet Area

Always check the actual carpet area before booking any flat. Builders often inflate the cost based on the super built-up area, which must be questioned immediately. The space inside the four walls of the apartment is what you should be paying for and not the lobby, staircase, etc. if you are a first-time buyer, get a clear idea of the carpet area and check out the prices accordingly.

Legal Status of the property

Disputed properties are a buyer’s worst nightmare. While buying Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata find out whether the builder has obtained a NOC from the Municipal Corporation, electricity board and water supply board. Check the title deed to see whether the builder has any rights on the property and also the release certificate for resale projects. Also, feel free to ask for tax receipts and bills that were paid previously. Take the help of a lawyer to make sure everything is all right.

Financing options

If you are planning to buy 3BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata, then check out the financing options that are available. Remember, banks will fund builders that have a good reputation in the market. Getting a loan at a lower interest rate is only possible when top banks are financing the projects. That way, you can control your EMI outflow, which is a big chunk of your monthly expense. So, checking the financing options is an important part here.

Infrastructure Plans

Check out the facilities that the project is providing. Car parking, sports area, gyms, swimming pools, and others are quite common these days. Based on these amenities people have to pay a higher price. So, as a buyer figure out clearly your priorities and whether the investment will be a value for money.


The builder-buyer agreement will make sure that all the terms and conditions are clear on both sides. You pay a token amount and then there is an agreement between the buyer, builder and the bank. Read the details carefully, as financial issues can be a worrisome thing, in the future.

A Great Project on Ganga

The Rameshwara River View Project is one of the best projects to come up in recent times. With Ganga flowing by the side, lots of amenities and an affordable price range, you can check out their new properties in and around Barrackpore. Follow up on their website for all details and select a 3BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata that suits your family’s needs.

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