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Whether you’re looking for a one or 2-bedroom apartment in Kolkata, investing in a new home must be done after careful inspection and assessment. This is due to the significant financial outlay required to purchase a new home, and we go to great lengths to find the ideal home possible to protect our investment and best meet our needs. Therefore, buying a home in Kolkata is a significant choice that must be made after thoroughly investigating the property.

We conducted some studies and discovered the top future housing property in Kolkata because there are several new home developments in the city. Consider paying attention to the economical Ganga facing flats in Kolkata. So, if you’re looking for a cheap 2 BHK apartment in Kolkata, this blog is your holy book!

Why are flats in Riverside in such great demand?

  • The place

Along some of Kolkata, North 24 Parganas, Hooghly, and Howrah’s most accessible regions, Riverside flats were thoughtfully constructed. All year long, people visit these well-liked destinations. Your friends can call you if you own a home in one of these places.

  • Facilities

Compared to other places, projects along the Ganga River offer better amenities. In riverside projects, you can always locate whatever you need without any problems, including neighbourhood stores, banks, hospitals, and other necessities.

  • Transport

Riverside projects benefit from excellent transportation options. You can find buses, trains, and other transportation methods there. It shortens the distance you must go and makes the journey comfortable. Your time is cut in half thanks to the waterways connecting you to significant locations like Howrah and Barrackpore.


One of the busiest areas is Barrackpore, which is 20 kilometres from Kolkata. There may be numerous schools, colleges, stationery stores, dining establishments, amusement parks, and theatres. Rough projections place the population as of 2022 at over 168,000. As a result, there are an increasing number of apartment buildings with a growing population.

There are numerous army cantonments spread around the affluent defence colony of Barrackpore. Your atmosphere will be calm and quiet, allowing you to live and work in peace. The Rameshwara Riverview project is one of the best projects since it includes facilities in light of this.


Near the DUI poise ghat in Monirampore, Barrackpore is the Rameshwara Riverview. Its amenities include Superb transportation options, including buses, cars, and toll booths.

Sheoraphuli is directly across from the project, making it simple to reach the Howrah main line, which connects to Howrah, Kolkata.

The property is built on 6 acres and has plenty of open space for walking, running, and breathing fresh air. It also contains a clubhouse, tennis court, garden, power backup, lift, and other amenities.

Who should purchase it?

This project will appeal to anyone who wants to live calmly in a tranquil setting away from the bustle of the city. Outside noises shouldn’t interfere with your life whether you are a young worker or a retiree. This will be beneficial to those who enjoy nature. Undoubtedly, investing in 2 BHK Ganga facing flats in Kolkata would pay you returns for the rest of your life. If interested in it, get in touch with the business immediately.

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