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Buying a property is anybody’s dream. People save for years to get a flat of their choice. Flats near the Ganga have been in heavy demand in recent times. This is why properties in and around North Kolkata have seen a spike in sales. Ganga Facing Flats near Kolkata are seeing a rise in inquiries, throughout the season. You might be wondering what makes these areas so special! So, in this blog, we will find out why North Kolkata apartments are still a great choice for any first-time buyer. Let’s see why.

  • Transport

The transport in North Kolkata is so good, it can pose a challenge to any top metro city in India. Private and Government buses, local trains, metro, ferry service, monorail, auto, taxi…the list goes on. You can travel to any location within an hour maximum and that too at an affordable cost. Even at midnight, you can get cabs, but with slightly higher fares. This robust public transport is something that drives many customers towards buying an apartment in North Kolkata.

  • Huge Shopping Facilities

North Kolkata is the Mecca of shopping, be it garments or sports goods or musical instruments, or anything else that comes to your mind. The sheer number of street shops that sells cheaper products for INR 200-300 to shopping malls that starts at INR 800-2000, you have it all. Irrespective of your financial status, you can buy anything, provided you know where to get it. Buying a 3BHK Ganga Facing Flats in Kolkata near the riverside can give you ample scope to choose and buy things that you like. Moreover, unlike Eastern or Southern Kolkata which is largely expensive, the north allows you to increase your consumption, through affordable pricing and a variety of goods.

  • Cultural Activities

Kolkata, being the cultural capital, can drive you crazy with the number of events that takes place around the year. Book fairs, Film festivals, Food carnivals, Rock concerts, classical shows, stand-up comedy, you name it, North Kolkata has it all. Being the birthplace of Tagore and many other musicians, the place has a natural affinity towards music, poetry, painting and other things. If you are one of those who enjoy evening addas with snacks and music festivals, then North Kolkata will be an intoxicating experience for you.

Rameshwara project: A great option

Rameshwara has done some fantastic projects in the Barrackpore area, a suburb 20km away from Kolkata. With Ganga by your side, you will have stunning views from your balcony, and what’s better than watching the sunset across the Ganges? The breathtaking views will make your evenings a soothing experience and in addition to that, a cool breeze in the afternoon will also give relief to your body and mind. With an affordable price and ample space for leisure activities, jump in to buy your dream properties now, at the Rameshwara Riverside project.

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