ganga facing flats for senior citizens

Buying a property is a dream for most of us. Those near the Ganga, have always been at the top of our priority list. This is also true for senior citizens, who after completing a hectic life schedule in their workplace, want a peaceful time in the post retirement phase. Rameswara Riverview, is one such project, in Barrackpore area, which can be a great option for such people. In this article lets find out how Ganga facing flats can be a great option while buying apartments in and around Kolkata.


Living near the Ganges gives you an advantage when it comes to transport. Water transport in Kolkata, Barrackpore, Hoogly has been a very popular mode in travelling to office places or other important venues. Apart from that the railway facilities are very near and you can go to Barrackpore station in just about 10 minutes via auto/bus. Ganga facing flats have been in demands owing to the excellent transportation facilities in the Barrackpore region and elsewhere also.

Stunning Visuals

Watching the Ganga from your balcony, is always a treat. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets are something that every nature lover would be desperate for. During the summers, there will be a cool breeze during the afternoon that can help you relax better than an AC! Not only that, watching the rains during the monsoon, from your windows will be something that as a senior citizen, you would cherish all your life. To Buy Ganga facing flats, will always be a very matured decision, if you are looking to enjoy nature, far away from the hustle bustle from the city.

Peace and Tranquility

Senior citizens would always enjoy living in a peaceful environment. As flats within the urban areas become more populated with markets and slums all around, a Ganga facing flat near Barrackpore will help you get past all these problems.  Apartment buildings near the Ganges are quite on the outskirts of the city and have been a favourite spot for the elderly. So whether you are retired government officer or an entrepreneur who now wants to hang your boots, choosing the Rameswara project near the Ganges will be a great choice to begin with.


Rameswara has a reputation of building some of the finest apartments in the town with great designs and interiors. With an affordable pricing, better financial options and great locations, your plan of buying a dream home would be fulfilled real quick. You can connect with them through mail and give your quotations, based on which they would provide advice on the apartments that you can go for.

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