senior citizen in residence

Flats in Kolkata are becoming a great investment option for both millennials and Gen Z customers. Being a metro city with great transport facilities and work opportunities, home buyers are eyeing an apartment in Kolkata for a better lifestyle. However, the older generation has a tough choice to make. With a lot of the younger ones leaving the city for education and jobs, senior citizens face a harrowing time living alone. Under compulsion, a lot of them move to old age homes for companionship and security. But, a ganga facing flat can be a great option for the elderly. Why? Let’s talk about this now.


Living in an old age home is comparatively cheaper but it’s like rent that you pay for your lifetime. Compared to that, buying an apartment will make sure that you have the rightful ownership of the property and enjoy the amenities it had to offer. Moreover, you can invite your friends and relatives to your flats as there will be no restrictions. In an old age home, however, they will have a schedule that you have to follow as it is a commercial property.


The freedom to live a life of your choice is always there in a flat as compared to old age home. The reason is, old age homes have strict rules and regulations that you have to follow. Be it the number of guests allowed or dinner timings, you will have to comply with their norms. In the case of flats, there are no such thing. You can stay in a way that you like. Also, a ganga facing flat can be a good option for enjoying the cityscape from your balcony and feel the cool breeze from the river together.

So, go ahead and choose an old age home in the suburbs of Kolkata that can give you a memorable living experience after your retirement. Also, it will make sure that you can keep additional members of your extended relatives, in case of emergencies. So, choose an apartment near the Ganges that you like and enjoy it to the fullest. 

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