Improved flooring. Better appliances. Fresh paint. And of course, new experiences!

Buying a home comes with excitement and happiness due to the superb possibilities that lie ahead. Whether typical or riverside flats in Kolkata, owning one counts as a major milestone in life – a huge source of pride for many. Besides that, it also brings feelings of stability and security to families.

But remember, buying one is a big decision and you need to plan for the future rather than the present. This is why Rameswara Riverview is definitely among the best ones today. With an aim of giving families an extraordinary living experience, here’s what this residential project in Barrackpore is all about.

This project spans over 5.867 acres and houses a total of 360 units inside. One distinct feature about this riverside project is the fact that it is a creation by industry veterans. This is best revealed through its stunning ceiling height of 15.85 mt. Each of its flats in Chiriamore is 3 sides open in order to maximize airflow and ventilation.

And it’s about location advantages, you’ll find plenty with this project!

You should know that besides its strong rail and road link, it also presents a chance to commute via ferry. Surrounded by schools and medical centres, these flats in North Kolkata are positioned with precision. A home here puts you in easy access to the essentials that daily life requires.

But a good home is not just limited to its location. It’s so much more than that!

Here’s a look at what lies behind the gates of Rameswara Riverview.

Peace of mind, no longer hard to find

If you have always wanted a lifetime of serenity, this project is just for you! Within its gated community, you will find a variety of spaces to unwind. Imagine a riverside boulevard right beside your home. Even better, there are spaces such as the yoga and meditation zone that add value to daily life. Taking you away from the humdrum of city life, these riverside flats in Kolkata are definitely worth your attention.

For surreal views of divine blues

It is said that a good view from your window can actually have an impact on your mood. Now picture the holy Ganges amidst natural scenery just outside! That’s where the beauty of this residential project in Barrackpore lies. Giving families a huge opportunity, this project can make each day seem blissful and blessed. Living by the Ganges doesn’t have to be a dream anymore!

Refresh and rejuvenate, without stepping out

Many have to go far to use facilities like a gym or a swimming pool while also paying extra fees. What if you could have them all within your home? With these flats in Chiriamore, you are entitled to the best of the best. Here are some that you should know:

  • Walking/jogging track
  • Play lawns
  • Grass court
  • Children’s play zone
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball play area
  • Pool deck, etc.

Live in absolute safety and security

In today’s world, there is nothing more important than personal safety and security. With these flats in North Kolkata, live the right way with every precaution and measure in place. Providing CCTV surveillance alongside other means, this gated riverside community is nothing short of perfection. You can expect a lifetime of safety with a new home here at Riverview.

The benefits of nature, now yours

Keeping you connected to nature, Rameswara Riverview brings families into a world of clean and green surroundings. It is free from pollution and puts you in close proximity to the Ganges. Its riverside flats in Kolkata also come with a promise of an aesthetic lifestyle on the river banks. With 60% open space inside, its expert landscaping and abundance of green cover will surely captivate you and your loved ones.

Making the right choice for a home can be difficult. But with these benefits and experiences in store, it doesn’t have to be. Choose wisely with Riverview and see just how comfortable life can become.

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