riverside flats in Kolkata

Everybody knows just how necessary it is to own a permanent apartment is. Whether riverside flats in Barrackpore or Uttarapara, a home is nothing short of achievement and a milestone for families today. But there are a series of considerations that we must first take into account before buying one.

When you think about it, location will always be the first concern! We all desire easy access to areas while also wishing for our daily essentials to be fulfilled within easy reach. There is no need to stress how important it is, but it cannot be all there is buying a new home.

What about the quality of living? The atmosphere and the surroundings? When you consider these, many try to live beside the Ganges owing to the peacefulness it brings to families. It has always been at the top of the list and with 2 BHK flats in Barrackpore at Rameswara Riverview, your dream can turn into reality in the best way possible!

The project offers a perfect mix of features that makes way for modern, comfortable living.

Here’s why it deserves your attention before you buy a home in Kolkata.

Bringing Out the Beauty of Riverside Flats in Barrackpore

Imagine a life where each day begins on a blessed note. Imagine a life where your health and wellbeing are prioritized. Imagine if you had every modern facility needed for rest and relaxation. This is a glimpse of a life that awaits at Riverview’s riverside flats in Barrackpore. Its beauty lies in its harmonious blend of both nature and modernity into one wholesome destination for families today.

It covers roughly 5.867 acres of space with 10 residential blocks in totality. Adorned by breathtaking views of the holy river, you can actually discover sacred views of the Ganges right from these flats for sale in Barrackpore! The project also keeps your family safe and secure amidst a gated community. But even better, it places them in pollution free surroundings by bringing nature right to their doorstep.

And even more impressive is the construction of the apartments inside.

Bringing fresh air and breeze inside, its 2 and 3 BHK flats in Barrackpore are 3 sides open. This ensures that spaces receive a good amount of ventilation within your home. If this isn’t enough, the industry-best ceiling height of 15.85 mt makes these apartments even more worthwhile. Keeping experts at the forefront, your comfort zone is the result of meticulous planning and design!

And this is not incomplete without mentioning the amenities. Most assume that living in Barrackpore would mean a decrease in living stands, but it’s quite the opposite. These riverside apartments in Barrackpore reserve world-class amenities that are sure to grab your attention. Some of these are as follows:

  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor games room
  • Children’s play area
  • Jogging track
  • Yoga and meditation zone
  • Riverside promenade
  • Grass court
  • Swimming pool
  • AC home theatre

You can enjoy a blissful stroll amidst sprawling greens or challenge friends over a variety of games and activities. You can elevate your fitness levels and work on your well-being. There’s so much to do here – all with the Ganges cheering you on!

If it’s about experiencing true happiness and comfort on a regular basis, there’s a better address than Rameswara Riverview. Its combination of features makes it a great choice for a home today, as you can clearly see. So before you buy a home in Kolkata, think about the future and what it holds for your family.

So make a choice that brings benefits for years down line!

Book your new home at Rameswara Riverview today!

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