If you have ever searched for a home or looked at the brochure of a project, you may have stumbled upon the term ‘Open Space’ at some point. Some offer 60% while others offer 70%, which is also visible on the website and brochure as well. Even riverside flats in Kolkata offer ample open space today.

But have you wondered exactly what the term means?

In short, it talks about the amount of land open to the sun within a gated community. This includes spaces such as landscaped gardens, a kid’s play area, jogging track, playing fields and many more. Generally, there is some form of vegetation added such as a carpet or green to full-grown trees.

These come as a source of relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. With problems of pollution, traffic and stress, open spaces are definitely more than just an attraction.

Whether you choose affordable homes or luxury flats in Kolkata, open spaces have become a necessity. Here are some strong reasons why open spaces are important with a home.

What to Expect with Open Spaces Inside A Residential Project?

Increased aesthetic appeal

It is said that the flat price in Kolkata is best determined by its location. But there’s more to it. Open spaces work to enhance the aesthetic value of a project since it has a direct relationship to the quality of life. This fact alone contributes to the demand for these projects. You’ll find that the green touch makes a project more remarkable in appearance and a better choice in terms of health.

Improved health

Luxury flats in Kolkata are typically known to offer everything you need inside a gated community. However, do check for open spaces since they offer numerous benefits of both physical and mental health. Upgrading the quality of life, they play a strong role in controlling moods and behaviour. You’ll find that open spaces can actually refresh both the mind and body.

Better air and ventilation

Keeping residents fresh and active, open spaces offer a huge set of benefits to residents. The most common one tends to be the quality of air. With lesser noise and pollution with a typical apartment in Kolkata, these create the perfect environment for families looking for a peaceful existence. You can actually return from work and feel better through a short walk or activity. Such is the power of open spaces.   

Improved growth for children

In a world of screens and smartphones, people never take the time to discover the outdoors and connect with nature. It’s even worse for children who may follow the trend. Thanks to open spaces with riverside flats in Kolkata, children can play sports and games which help them stay fit while also providing more scope for their growth. Staying glued to a phone cannot be considered a childhood!

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Stronger social bonds

Open spaces have always known to be a great venue for social interaction and bonding between families as well as other residents. You can celebrate events, get involved in group activities or play games like cricket together – open spaces with flats for sale in North Kolkata make it all happen. The best part? All age groups can enjoy its benefits and a healthy social circle will add to a better living experience.

Enhanced physical activity

You may actually feel the urge to increase physical activity when you have open spaces within the project. It may not be a sport, but it could be a relaxing stroll or even a walk in a park. Everything considered, open spaces with luxury flats in Kolkata definitely provide opportunities for people to explore their surroundings and definitely engage in some form of physical activity for their own betterment.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Besides the importance of natural greens for shade and better-quality air, it can actually help soothe stress and tension. The therapeutic effect of greenery works to promote a feeling of calmness and serenity – more so with riverside flats in Kolkata. Active interaction with greenery is often linked to more productivity and positivity alike. So, choosing a residential project with open space definitely counts as a huge advantage to life.

Make sure the apartment in Kolkata you purchase has a good amount of open space.

It’s more than just ‘area’ – it’s an opportunity for better health and an even better lifestyle!

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