kids safety rules for apartments

High rises are coming up in every part of the nation. Although the views are great, if proper precautions are not taken it could be fatal for your kids. The biggest problem of the lot is the sheer lack of playing areas for the kids. The balconies and the terrace have become a common replacement for the same.

It is now the duty of the property developer to build the flats keeping in mind the safety of the children. The new age Barrackpore riverside flat serves the purpose. Look out for these general guidelines if you are planning to shift to your new abode with a new born child.

1. Taking possession of a clean flat

The developers and the workers often leave behind unused materials after the construction works are completed. These might include harmful chemicals and paint residue which can cause serious problems for the children. Make sure none of that stuff is lying around.

2. Childproofing

If you have a toddler and are going to take possession of a completely furnished flat make sure it is child proof. The most important things are the electrical sockets and the pointy stuff. Children have a habit of touching everything and if there are any live sockets that can cause serious harm to the children. Do not use much glass in home decor and other constructions. While running around the house they can easily bump into them and create a mess for themselves. Try not to mount furnities one on top of another. As you cannot keep your child from moving continuously there is chance that the furniture might tip over causing injuries. 

3. Proper Fencing

One should always keep a keen eye on this if property they are acquiring are on the higher floors. Make sure the balconies are properly fenced and the children cannot climb up on them. The same goes for the windows. They should not be of low height. It’s a general rule that the height of the windows and the fencing must be at least 1.5meters tall.

4. Security

Make sure the building or the community has a great security system in place. Complete with security guards and CCTV cameras. There should be CCTV on every floor if it is a single building. Also make sure to ask for the backgrounds of the security guards in charge of looking after your house and your kids.

5. Play Area/ Backyard

The final inspection should be done in the backyard or the play area, make sure the area has no poisonous plants or plants that attract snakes and other reptiles. Also make sure gardening tools are not lying around the place. If there is a pool make sure it is well guarded from the kids and there is someone looking when kids are playing around.


The flat for sale in Barrackpore is inclusive of the above-mentioned amenities giving you complete peace of mind. The location is also great, having great railways and bus connectivity. Come check out and make a great purchase for yourself today.

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